• David Buckland, End of Ice, 2006, (detail)

    Keynote: David Buckland

    Since 2000 David Buckland has created and now directs the Cape Farewell project, whose ambition is to bring artists, scientists and educators together to collectively address and raise awareness about climate change.

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  • Backstory

    Re-historicizing and deep analysis of history is necessary especially in this moment of wide-spectrum green reframing. Speakers on this panel will look at California history, African American histories, and 17th century Landscape architecture history. Amanda Williams, David Gissen, Julia Parker, Katie Kurtz. Moderator: Josef Chytry

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  • Geopolitics

    The Macro look at world politics and its relationship to art/design in light of the changing climate, how have artists responded to these larger forces? John Zarobell (SFMOMA), Ignacio Valero (CCA), Jay Jasper Pugao (Environmental Service Learning Initiative). Moderator: Rhonda Holberton

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  • Mobility

    The fuel and energy required to move people around are central to discussions of sustainability. Urban environments have an unique contribution to this dialogue. This panel looks at youth, urban/hiphop aesthetics, the social phenomenon of the bicycle, greening lowrider cars, and sustaining cultures. Kristy Alfieri, (The Crucible), John Jota Leaños (CCA), Nancy Hernandez (H.O.M.E.Y.), Ross Evans (Xtracycle Inc.) Moderator: Lauren Marsden

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  • URBANbuild


    Remaking cities, reconceiving/reforming systems (planning and regulatory) to encourage compact, sustainable development and vibrant urban environments; remaking art/objects, remaking transportation vehicles, and remaking behaviors as designers/artists become harbingers for reducing urban stress; New Orleans rebuilding, the global implications of local reconstruction initiatives. Ila Berman & Mona El Khafif (Rebuilding New Orleans), Dan Parolek, Karen Parolek, John Rapko, Amy Franceschini. Moderator: North Pitney

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  • Green Capitalism

    How do we make sense of the green gold rush and what might actually be good for society? What distinctions can be drawn? What is green washing? What is the landscape of green capital? Andy Cox & Amy Berk, Simon Sadler, F. Noel Perry. Moderator: Kim Anno

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  • Material/Culture Sustainability

    What new materials are artists, designers, and architects experimenting with? What materials have impacts on which industries? Where are the holes in research? What is sustainable business? How is culture sustainable? Stephanie Syjuco, Lynda Grose, Banny Bannerjee. Moderator: Bonnie Sherk

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  • Futures

    Futures refers to a discussion and deep investigation of what might be future pictures of multiple aspects of culture(s) in an environmentally challenged world. Amy Balkin, Joyce Burstein, Alexander Rose (The Long Now Foundation) Moderator: Lynn Marie Kirby

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  • Eco-Aesthetics

    What is the relationship of Environmentalism to aesthetics? How do we think of cultural habit in the face of global catastrophe? What are examples of repositioning cultural habit? How does this new field of philosophy affect the academies, industries, and the mainstream? David Buuck, Sheila Lintott, Sam Bower (Green Museum), Glen Helfand (CCA) Moderator: Tirza Latimer

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  • Evening Keynote: Sheila Kennedy

    Sheila Kennedy is a founding Principal of KVA MATx, an interdisciplinary design practice that explores relationships between architecture, technology and emerging public needs.

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  • Oceans/Water/Rivers Roundtable

    What projects will be affected by environmental collapse first? What can be seen in current science that shows us the spectrum of the change? What can artists and designers do in the face of these dramatic references? How can we think of our water systems now? Robert Dawson (Stanford), Alberto Mellado Moreno (Ocean Revolution), Judith Selby Lang & Richard Lang. Moderator: Shana Holberton

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  • Closing Remarks: Kim Anno

    Kim Anno is one of the directors of the Rising Tide Conference and Chair of the Painting Department at the California College of the Arts.

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